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"If we want to reach
real peace in this world,

we should start
educating children"

~Mahatma Gandhi

SIS - An Introduction

Promising doors to the future are now open with Star International School. Inviting today's generation to begin a futuristic journey with strong moral values and advanced learning, SIS aims at creating a curious community of change-makers in the society. Understanding the growing need of future-ready citizens, SIS operates with a purpose of imparting insightful learning to take students towards an impactful future. With world-class facilities, awe inspiring infrastructure and unique teaching methods, we are backed by a strong inspiration from the leaders of the education society.

An English medium CBSE curriculum based school, SIS summons today's thinkers to become tomorrow's laureates.


We aspire to bring about a concrete change in the society with insightful learning and create a curious group of enablers, achievers and doers.


We are committed to inculcate strong moral values in the students with a curriculum which equips them who are academically smart enough to face the challenges of this ever changing world.

Our Inspiration

Late Shri Manoharbhai Patel, a true Gandhian by heart perceived the importance of education and titled it to be the tool of change. He had little opportunity to accuire education, but had the worldly wisdom to realise its importance. He decided to provide for others, the oppotunity which was denied to him and established Gondia Education Society, a chain of educational institutions in Bhandara and Gondia districts

Gondia Education Society's (GES), is the larget education society in the vidarbha region of Maharashtra, serving quality education since 58 years. Headquartered at Gondia, the society is rapidly growing under the able guidance and leadership of Smt. Varsha Patel, the president of Gondia Education Society.

By education, I mean an all-round drawing of the best in child and man in body, mind and spirit.

~Mahatma Gandhi