Governing Body

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Our Inspiration

Late Shri Manoharbhai Patel, a true Gandhian by heart perceived the importance of education and titled it to be the tool of change. He had little opportunity to accuire education, but had the worldly wisdom to realise its importance. He decided to provide for others, the oppotunity which was denied to him and established Gondia Education Society, a chain of educational institutions in Bhandara and Gondia districts

Gondia Education Society's (GES), is the larget education society in the vidarbha region of Maharashtra, serving quality education since 58 years. Headquartered at Gondia, the society is rapidly growing under the able guidance and leadership of Smt. Varsha Patel, the president of Gondia Education Society.

Our Patron

The strong words of the Father of the nation resonate in my mind. I am an ardent believer of the Gandhian principles just like my father and I'm inspired to be a part of shaping the future of my country. Gondia Education Society was created for one sole reason - to provide quality education to everyone so as to make them capable enough to chase their dreams and wishes. My father was unable to receive this privilege and so his dream was to change luxury education to a necessity offered to all.
I stand for his dream. I carry his legacy with a wish to continue what he started and successfully create an environment where every student receives the education that he/she deserves. We bring SIS back to our roots in order to cultivate the talents that grow here and give them the wings to fly. With our team of highly acclaimed personalities I believe we can do the undone.

~Shri Praful Patel, Patron - Gondia Education Society

Our President

It is an honour to be leading a group as esteemed as the Gondia Education Society. As we complete 58 years in this prestigious and rewarding field, I am filled with gratitude and joy for all the achievements of every student that were ever a part of our journey. It has been an uphill journey to reach where we are today, but the view from the top brings immense happiness to all its members.
As a mark of true celebration, we open our arms to the children of tomorrow. Star International school is ready for its inhabitants in the divine region of Gondia, the place where it all started. Our history makes us empowered, our present makes us proud and our future makes us hopeful. we believe in education for the masses so that everyone finds the chance to be unique. With a family of over 30 schools and colleges imperting education in a wide array of fields such as arts, commerce, science, law, management, pharmacy, engineering and architecture, we feel confient to extend our arms with dedication and honesty.
Our history is imprinted by the virtues and values of its founder and conceptualiser, Late Shri Manoharbhai Patel whose principles and dreams echo in every student's heart. We hope to bring a fresh wave of education free of challenges and full of promises in order to empower the generation that prepares itself to conquer the world.

~Smt Varsha Patel President - Gondia Education Society

Our Secretary

I am immensely happy that a beautiful little branch is growing from the giant tree of Gondia Education Society in the form of Star International School (SIS). We always wish to follow the footsteps of great philanthropist and our founder president, Late Shri Manoharbhai Patel, Our inspiration Honorable Praful Patel, Member of Parliament and our present president Honorable Smt. Varsha Patel to spread quality education in the backward districts of East Vidarbha
I am assured that this new venture would add a golden chapter in the glorious history of Gondia Education Society. We are not only reaching to the poorest of the poor in the area, but also facilitating desirable education for the talented and aspiring tiny tots. However, we will always be sensitiveto the financial crunches faced by middle and poor class students and provide education affordable to them.
Needless to say, the poor and middle class parents are deprived of educating their wards in expensive and demanding public school in the vicinity. Hence it is an opportunity for Gondia Education Society to cater to the academic needs of a large section of the society by keeping our ethics above all.

~Shri Rajendra Jain Secretary - Gondia Education Society

Our Director

Star International School is the voyage of “Unlearning to Learning, Creation and Celebration” . It is the manifesto of Late Shree Manoharbhai Patel’s vision and it embodies his apparition to nurture the torchbearers for the nation through access to quality education. With joined efforts of Gondia Education Society , SIS devoir to soar higher towards excellence.

"The illiterate of this century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn."

The institute believes in meaningful pursuits that challenge the mind in reinventing, while the heart should learn the higher qualities of brotherhood, tolerance and compassion. The school proves to be a platform for the young minds to invent, innovate and initiate. The aim is to make the child a happy individual, content yet curious and sensitized to the environment.
“There needs to be a lot more emphasis on what a child can do, instead of what he cannot do.”We believe that the task of building a new world must find support in our schools, where our young students must be educated in a new perspective, so that they can bring about a change in the dynamics of human relations in the world outside. Every child is unique in their own way, here with us are the future musicians, artists, dancers, fitness trainers along with the doctors and engineers.It is our dream to establish our institution that would provide education in imaginative, creative and positive way to draw the best from students of different learning and performing abilities, a community where children can discover who they are and where their interests lie, giving them an opportunity to recognize and utilize their energies positively. In an atmosphere where they have the courage to take their minds for a walk and ask curious questions, a comfort zone where they can relax and think, an interactive area where they learn to apply a self-imposed discipline, achieving the goal of changing the dynamics of education and bringing in a new revolution.
I thank all parents for trusting us and giving us an opportunity to try to make a difference in your child’s life.

“To prepare the blueprint of life, a child needs to take the dots, lines and proper angles to create an exemplary masterpiece”.

~Shri Nikhil Rajendra Jain Director - Gondia Education Society


We aspire to bring about a concrete change in the society with insightful learning and create a curious group of enablers, achievers and doers.


We are committed to inculcate strong moral values in the students with a curriculum which equips them who are academically smart enough to face the challenges of this ever changing world.